New Ranking: July 2019 Edition

Annual 2019.1.0 Edition: Data collected during July 2019

        The annual 2019.1.0 edition is compiled with data from about 8 000 research centers worldwide collected during July 2019. To calculate the composite index (World Ranking) we have combined normalized values, the ranks are showed for informative purposes. The indicators used and their weighting are described below. Due to our limited resources we decided to update the Ranking Web (Webometrics) of Research Centers only one time a year (in late July). This versión is BETA!

Changes in the calculation of indicators

         Published figures are RANKS (lower is better), intended for showing individual performances, but they are not the values used in the calculations. Due to technical issues, several key changes have been done, so the following table describes the current methodology:

 PRESENCE Size (number of pages) of the main webdomain of the institution. It includes ALL the subdomains sharing that webdomain
and all the file types including rich files like pdf documents
 Google 5%

Number of different external networks (subnets) originating the backlinks to the institutions webpages (webdomain)
After normalization, the average value between the two sources is selected

(marked as SCHOLAR)
Number of citations from Top authors according to Google Scholar Citations database
See methodological issues in the Transparent Ranking for additional info
 Google Scholar
10 %

(marked as RICH)

Number of papers amongst the top 10% most cited in 26 disciplines
Data for the five year period (2013-2017)

 Scimago 35 %

     The Councils section includes all the members of these institutions even if they do not share their central webdomain (specially in the case of the CNRS).

     Some institutions have two or more different web domains (those marked with (1) on the listings) that we consider it is a bad practice as it is confusing and penalize its performance in the search engines positioning behavior.

     Please, help us to improve the Ranking providing comments, suggestions or criticisms, but specially checking the name and URL addresses of the websites, informing us of new, disappeared or incorrect entries.

     As usual we will thank your comments if you address them to our MAILBOX.