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The Cybermetrics Lab thanks the comments, suggestions and proposals than can be useful to improve this website. We try to maintain an objective position on the quantitative data provided but mistakes can occur. Please, take into account that merging, domain changes or networks problems can affect the ranking of the institutions.

Please read carefully this information before contacting us:

  • We do NOT answer anonymous messages (using e-mail addresses like, or similar) not commercial requests. We are a members of a non-profit public body devoted to research.
  • Usually the reason for an absence in the Ranking is that we have no previous info. Please provide us the local name and official English translation and, of course, the webdomain.
  • Ranks from the previous editions are not available. Requests for accessing raw data will be considered on the basis of shared projects with experts in the field.
  • Any communication regarding possible mistakes is acknowledged, but it should be reasonably described as our policy is to never discuss the figures.
  • We especially thank that you read in advance all the information provided in this website before contacting us. We analyze more than 40 000 webdomains and it is not practical to answer individual messages requesting on topics already covered in the ranking webpages.
  • We will very glad of providing you with copies of our scientific papers on these topics.
  • We do not discuss any decision related to political issues. As public servants of the Spanish government we adopt its current points of view.

Currently the Cybermetrics Lab is formed by Isidro F. AGUILLO, Amalia MAS BLEDA, Sara PÉREZ ÁLVAREZ, Felipe P. ÁLVAREZ and Carlos LÓPEZ BENITO (webmaster). Other former members were Mario FERNÁNDEZ (webmaster), Ana UTRILLA, Ana ALARCÓN and José Luis ORTEGA.

For more information:

Cybermetrics Lab - CSIC
Albasanz, 26-28
28037 Madrid. SPAIN

Email: Isidro F. Aguillo

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The Cybermetrics Lab maintains this website to enhance public access to information about results achieved in the Webometrics' project and related news. Our goal is to keep this information timely and accurate. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them promptly.

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