NEW RANKING: CSIC researchers by ResearchGate indicators

          This is the first edition, with data collected during the second week of February 2014 of the Ranking RG of researchers from CSIC, the main public research body in Spain, built from statistics collected from the ResearchGate social webtool.


        The Ranking Web (Webometrics) is updated twice a year (in late January and July) and it now covers about 8 000 research centers worldwide. To calculate the composite index (World Ranking) we have combined normalized values, the ranks are showed for informative purposes. The indicators used and their weighting are described below:

3rd Edn: CSIC, CIEMAT, IEO, INIA, INTA, ISCIII, CNIC, CNIO Researchers ranked by Google Scholar Citations profiles

          This third edition (data collected during the second week of February 2014) consists of public profiles of researchers belonging to the main public research bodies in Spain (OPIs). We are providing a BETA Ranking of the scientists according to their declared presence in the Google Scholar Citations database.

Future Developments

        We are working on adopting the same methodology we used in the last editions of the Ranking Web of Universities, specially incorporating as a relevant new variable the Excellence indicator provided the the Scimago group. The objective is not only to improve the current ranking, but to develop a new one combining both Universities and Research Centers. This a much demanded request that we will offer as an additional ranking, maintaining the current ones.